About Lancer:

I have operated as a licensed and experienced hair professional since 1990. Originally from Akron, Ohio, I have also lived and worked in salons in Southeast Alaska for a few years, and I've lived and worked in Seattle hair salons since moving here in 1999.

My toolbox and paintbox contain and are continuously improved by the latest technology, tools, and techniques I learn and apply to my clients.

I am introverted, focused, task oriented, and a lifelong learner, and I hope you find my chair to be safe, comforting, and where you feel free to express yourself, reflect, and relax. I also offer a Quiet Chair Experience option.

I also co-own Emerson Salon, where I work alongside other independent stylists. Our salon is located in the Capitol Hill Seattle neighborhood, and the space itself is an open loft space. Each of us operates independently, but at times we enjoy collaborating with each other.

The salon's mascot- the octopus- represents us well. There are many times when having more than two hands to work with would be awesome!

Come as You Are. Leave Feeling Amazing!